TPN 2018 Co., Ltd. is the sole license holder of organizing the 2018 Miss Universe pageant in Bangkok, Thailand.

TPN was founded by 3 visionary business tycoons, Tee (Somchai Cheewasutthanon), Pui (Piyaporn Sankosik) and Na (Narong Lertkitsiri)

Mr. Somchai aka Tee Matching was a co-founder and CEO of Matching Studio Plc, Thailand’s largest and most awarded production house 20 years ago. He started his business empire from scratch. In 2012, he has set up Tee Entertainment organizing many world-class events and concerts. He is known for his determination to push creativity and production quality to the next level. His motto is, “If Opportunity Doesn’t Knock, Build a Door.

Mrs. Piyaporn aka Pui was MC on many TV programs and DJ on radio shows along with her executive PR and marketing roles in many firms before taking a new role as an executive assistance to the governor of Bangkok. Her over-20-year experience of media and publicity adds an advantage to TPN’s capabilities. Her motto about this collaboration is, “As Individuals We are Strong, Together We are Unstoppable.

Mr. Narong aka Na has been in textile industry for 2 decades. He was the first non-Japanese CEO of Toray International’s Thai office. He is also a partner in Textile Gallery, owner of the international brand Pasaya and a CEO of Konaka (Thailand), the local franchisee of Suit Select from Japan. He has weaved his business success and inspired many with his artistic and meticulous point of view. His motto is, “The Impossible is Possible.

With the constellation of 3 stars on the same event of the universe, TPN is ready to organize the 2018 Miss Universe pageant…and many more events to come!